Factory Direct Designer's Workroom
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Send us your fabrics and let us professionally make your window treatments for you!

Swags:   $39.50 each (includes 100% cotton lining on back)     Need 1-1/2 yards of fabric per swag. (Up to 52"W X 20"D)

Jabots:    $34.50 pair  (up to 34" long)   Need 2 yards of fabric for front/face, and 2 yards for back side.

Jabots:    $44.50 pair  (up to 52" long)   Need 3 yards of fabric for front/face, and 3 yards for back side.

Swags and Jabots come sewn / pleated and ready to be stapled on a board

Pinch pleated draperies: $54.50 per 1 width panel ($109.00 per pair)

Price is only to make the panels using your supplied fabrics and drapery linings, the above price is for a single window aproximately 50" wide. If you want the draperies to open and close and the window is wider, additional widths of material need to be sewn together and each additional width of fabric costs $54.50. We will be happy to quote the amount of fabric and labor costs for you!

Email us your window sizes and we will recommend exactly what you need and quote your project